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Rags Classic 2.5.2 Release

Another day and another new Rags Classic Release.   Version 2.5.2 corrects issues with the Rags Designer.  The references to the windows media player element were invalid in the Desginer, causing errors each time a visual element was clicked on.  This is now fixed. I also corrected a few more display issues in the designer.   Thanks, Steve

Rags 2.5.1

I just put up a new release of the RAGS classic version.  This corrected a few bugs that were reported to me from the folks that were able to install it correctly.   I am still trying to reproduce install issues that at least one person has reported without success yet. This version of RAGS replaces the 2.4.16… Read More »

Rags 2.5

I was able to put together a RAGS 2.5 install.  Please visit the download pages to give that a try if you’d like to update your Rags “Classic” version.  I expect some minor errors with this version, mainly in the UI.  Please let me know if you see any oddities.   Thanks, Steve

Rags 2.4.16 update

I have a version of the older Rags system I just updated to talk to the new server location. I had to make several modifications to the older system to get it to work.  I am running it through some more tests but should have the version available soon. Thanks again for your patience as I get this… Read More »

Continuing to update…

The new server does not register with older versions of RAGS at the moment.   I have updated the latest version of RAGS to 3.1.  If you download this version, it will correctly synch up and register with this new host provider. Rest assured, I am going to update the 2.4.x release to work with our new home… Read More »

Updating Host…Bear with me

Hi guys!  Just wanted to let you know that I’m updating my host provider….the old one was riddled with problems. I have the registration check set up and purchasing worked out with the new site.  I will continue to get everything else updated as I go along. Thanks for your understanding and patience as I work through any… Read More »