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The RAGS Game System has been designed from the ground up to provide the easiest, quickest, and most fun way to quickly implement your adventure game ideas from concept to completion.

Rags games are more enjoyable to play as well.  There are no more "Guess the verb" issues to worry about with the RAGS Game System.  You can create a series of Actions that can dynamically be enabled, disabled, or modified!  The player will have a series of choices to make rather then wasting time and getting frustrated with your game.

The Rags game system eliminates the ability of players to "peek ahead" at your image or game files.  All image files are included in the game distribution and encrypted on disk.  Your game can be password protected as well, preventing unauthorized access to your game code. 

The RAGS Game System consists of two parts.  The RAGS Designer and the RAGS Player.


.: Rags Designer

The Rags Designer lets you completely customize your game.  You simply load your picture library (shown top right), create your object library (bottom right), and begin creating a fun, dynamic game.

The heart of the Rags engine is the Action control.  In the action control, you will create the actions the players can call in the Rags Player, determine what conditions must be satisfied before an action can be executed successfully, and what to do if a condition is not yet satisfied.

Here's an example of the Action Control working on the Metallic Door object in the Amnesia Demo game.

The Rags Designer features an extremely flexible layered clothing system.  Clothes can occupy multiple body zones at once and you can add as many different and unique zones as you'd like to the layering system.


Here's an example of the room exit control in the Rags Desginer. All exits can be dynamically locked or unlocked while the user progresses through your game.

Here's an example of another action in the game, this time, we are conversing with a game character. There is much more to see, so please download the free Suite and begin crafting your own game, or browsing the Amnesia demo game today!

.: Rags Player

The Rags player, is simple, intuitive and fun to use.

A directional compass is displayed for easy to use and see navigation. 

The player's portrait is displayed in the middle of the tool row, and can be dynamically changed as your player progresses through the game.  You can also right click on the player's portrait to pull up you player's available actions.

See that little room picture thumbnail on the left hand side of the player?  If its highlighted in green, there are room actions available.  Right click on the thumbnail to pull up a list of room actions.

  There are easy to use and see menus of what interactive objects are currently in the room, what characters are present, and what items you are currently carrying.

Interacting with characters and objects in the world is quite simple as well.

Simply right clicking on any object or character brings up a dynamic menu of options.

This is just a brief overview of the power and flexibility of the Rags System.  Please check back often for updates or visit the forums to chat with other Rags users.

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