Rags 2.5

By | January 8, 2017

I was able to put together a RAGS 2.5 install.  Please visit the download pages to give that a try if you’d like to update your Rags “Classic” version.  I expect some minor errors with this version, mainly in the UI.  Please let me know if you see any oddities.




4 thoughts on “Rags 2.5

  1. fzid4

    I installed it fine but here are a few things that I discovered that are problematic:
    1. The Opening Message window has a small dialog layered on top of it that hides what you type underneath. http://imgur.com/OCnFHDQ
    2. The Actions windows in Objects, Characters, and Timers are all too small.

    These are the immediate ones that. The 1st one isn’t much of an issue but the 2nd one needs to be addressed before I can continue testing it. Also can you leave the 2.4.16 version download on the downloads page (for compatibility).

    Otherwise, it’s good to see you working on the classic version.


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